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Rick Cancelliere
05/05/2015 19:35
Looks like Weight Watchers acquired San Francisco-based fitness app developer, Hot5. This is the second digital health acquisition Weight Watchers has made within the last month and the third in the past two years.
Rick Cancelliere
01/07/2014 19:41
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Rick Cancelliere
09/23/2013 17:30
Today's HIPAA Omnibus rule expands the definition of business associate to include; health information organizations, e-Prescribing Gateways, certain PHR providers, patient safety organizations, data transmission service providers with access to PHI and contractors involved with PHI. http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/ready-or-not-hipaa-gets-tougher-today
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Rick Cancelliere
09/23/2013 17:29
Among the most significant changes in the final HIPAA omnibus rule is that business associates are now accountable for violating specific privacy and security rules.
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